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For over a decade Leon has acted as a mentor to many athletes, across a variety of different sports, including Olympic and Paralympic medal winners. He has a real passion for mentoring and continues to develop his work in this field.

As both a mentor and mentee he has discovered a great deal about the subject and is determined to help mentors get the best results. In his book Mentor "the most important role you were never trained for" Leon attempts to demystify this somewhat ‘forgotten art’ of communication and give usable straight forward 'how to' guidance in a role many are unsure of and too few know the real value.

"I would recommend this book to any parent, coach, business person or athlete who is interested in learning more about how to effectively motivate and communicate in this ever important role as a mentor. Brilliant read, really well done Leon."

Sir Clive Woodward

Director of Elite Performance (BOA) British Olympic Association

"When I found out that Leon was writing a book I thought what a great idea - he's one of the few people who can pass on experiences as an Olympic medalist and as a great mentor. Leon was my mentor for many crucial years of my career and without his help many situations would have been a lot harder for me!"

Tom Daley

World, European and Commonwealth Diving Champion. Men's 10m Platform.

"Leon Taylor is my hero. He has cured me of my lifelong fears of heights, water and Speedos. Read this exciting, sensational and wet book if you, too, are looking to smuggle a budgie."

Justin Lee Collins

Comedian and TV presenter